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Our Core Values

1. Limited Government, as authorized by the Constitution
2. Fiscal Responsibility
3. Free Markets

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Tea Party Ecosystem

Our Goals:

  1. To Defeat Tax and Spend Politicians at the Polls on Election Day, November 2010.
  2. To Place a Fiscally Responsible Politician as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Who are the members of this coalition?

All Americans who believe in the simple proposition that the Federal Government should not spend money it does not have. Democrats (the 70% who in a recent Rasmussen Poll said they support capitalism and not socialism), Republicans (the 90% who aren't RINOs), Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Independents, Home Schooling families, and Small Business Owners form the backbone of this coalition. We believe that the United States is a republic of individuals acting independently as they see fit, not as the Federal Government instructs them to act.

What is the Tea Party Movement Ecosystem?

It's a term that is descriptive of how the Tea Party Movement actually works. The Tea Party Movement Ecosystem is a collection of individuals and self-organizing groups all united in accomplishing a single goal: returning fiscal responsibility and limited government to the United States through the exercise of political activism. It consists of the 1 million plus individuals who attended the 900 tea parties held across the country on April 15, and the millions more who believe in the noble cause of saving our republic from socialism today. Each individual and group within this ecosystem determines where they want to place their focus, and works independently to accomplish their own unique goals, but communicates and collaborates with every other individual and group within the ecosystem, so that we are all moving the ball forward to achieve the objective that unites us all -- returning fiscal responsibility to all levels of government in the United States.